SDLL DESIGN has more than three decades of experience specialized in restaurant and club interior and exterior design fabrication.

Our most recent clienteles include Jason Aldean’s Restaurant, FGL House, Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge, and Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa.

SDLL DESIGN is capable of transforming undeveloped land with heavy equipment, from plumbing and electricity, and pouring the slab to the fine details of the house.

Frequently asked questions

Which states does SDLL Design cover?

Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida.

What is the time frame for finishing the house?

Approximately 1,500sqft house takes between 14 to 18 months after the permits.

Is it possible to build the garage the same style of construction as the house?

Yes, these are custom-built houses. The clientele will be involved in every step of the progress, starting from landscaping all the way to choosing tiles for the bathrooms.

Are these prefabricated houses?

YES. They are prefabricated custom homes.

Can we see a sample of a completed house by SDLL DESIGN?

Yes. Contact us for more details.

I want to invest in SDLL Design’s vision. How do we start?

Schedule your free consultation. Contact us by email or phone for your appointment.

References Available Upon Request